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Lot 112
Artist Unidentified
Paperback book cover: The Narrow Line, by Herb Roberts; Publisher: (Beacon B610F), 1963;Women in lingerie standing in bedroom.
Lot 113
Carl Setterberg (1897-1983)
Story illustration; Woman playing with kittens on the floor.
Lot 114
Morgan Kane
Story illustration; Couple in falling snow, she holding candle.
Lot 115
Karl Godwin (1893-1962)
Likely book cover: Oregon Fever;Standing couple embraces by wagon wheel.
Lot 116
Harold von Schmidt (1893-1982)
Story illustration, Cosmopolitan; Woman cradling prone man on couch.
Lot 117
Pruett Carter (1891-1955)
Story illustration: "Ann Singleton", author: Cid Ricketts (Sumner), possibly American Magazine, 1937, p. 25; Woman with hot water bottle shocked by condition of man in bed.
Lot 118
Robert Peak (1928-1992)
Movie poster design: "Outrageous", directed by Richard Benner, 1977; Woman and man climbing New York subway stairs.
Lot 119
Peter Helck (1893-1988)
Movie publicity: Samson and Delilah, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, 1949; Enslaved Samson toils as Delilah descends stairs.
Lot 120
Arthur Sarnoff (1912-2000)
Painting; Indian with red bandana on mountaintop.
Lot 121
A. Leslie Ross (1910-1989)
Pulp magazine cover: "When a Man Stands Alone", ca. 1940s; Cowboy on rocky outcrop returning fire, shot through hat.
Lot 122
Maurice Thomas
Inset in movie poster design: "The Man from Laramie", Directed by Anthony Mann; (Columbia Pictures), 1955; Jimmy Stewart as a cowboy with gun.
Lot 123
Walter Baumhofer (1904-1986)
Calendar illustration; publisher: (Thomas D. Murphy Co.), 1969; Bears invade camp, spoiling birthday party.
Lot 124
Louis Darling (1916-1970)
Calendar illustration, December, ca. 1949; Hunter with dog outdoors with fish jumping "Out of Season".
Lot 125
Paul Bransom (1885-1979)
Magazine cover, Saturday Evening Post, September 2, 1933; Crouching jaguar with passing parrots.
Lot 126
John A. Haelen (act. 1920s)
Story illustration: "Why I Failed in Business", author: Elmer T. Holmes, 1924; Boy opens a lemonade stand.
Lot 127
No Lot
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