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Lot 16
Charles Lennox Wright II (1876-1966)
Movie poster design: “The Yellowback”, a.k.a. “Brought to Justice”, directed by Jerome Storm; (RKO Pictures), 1929; Cliffside battle, Mountie, villan and heroine.
Lot 17
No Lot
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Lot 18
Jay McArdle
Pulp magazine cover, Danger Trail; Wounded cowboy shooting two pistols and falling backward.
Lot 19
George Lee Trimm
Painting; publisher: (Red Circle), ca. 1940's; Western couple fired upon by hombre.
Lot 20
Frank Schoonover (1877-1972)
Story illustration; Man and dog lost in snow.
Lot 21
Hal Foster (1892-1982)
Sunday comic strip, “Prince Valiant”; publisher: (King Features Syndicate), 10/5/1947; Valiant follows Gunnar's trail through the frozen north.
Lot 22
Frank Hoffman (1888-1958)
Story illustration: “The Biscuit Eater”, author: James Street, Saturday Evening Post, May 13, 1939, p. 10; Young boy, friend and dog are confronted while hunting.
Lot 23
J. Clinton Shepherd (1888-1975)
Illustration; Standing bull moose.
Lot 24
John A. Haelen (act. 1920s)
Story illustration: “Harbor Luck”, 1926; Mate on deck of tugboat.
Lot 25
No Lot
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Lot 26
Walt Louderback (1887-1941)
Story illustration: “Driftwood”, author: Gouverneur Morris, Cosmopolitan, July 1929; Bullfight.
Lot 27
George M. Harding (1882-1959)
Magazine cover, Collier’s, ca. 1910; Turkish soldiers riding camels, weapons held high.
Lot 28
Henry J. Soulen (1888-1965)
Story illustration, Saturday Evening Post, 1936; Woman disembarking from ship at imperial court.
Lot 29
Anton Otto Fischer (1882-1962)
Story illustration, Cosmopolitan, ca. 1911; Preparing to hang a man for cheating at cards.
Lot 30
Mead Schaeffer (1892-1980)
Book illustration: Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo; Publisher: (Dodd, Mead & Co.), 1924;Man walking down French alleyway.
Lot 31
Mead Schaeffer (1898-1980)
Book illustration: The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas; Publisher: (Dodd, Mead & Co.), 1929;Men with soldiers at gate of walled city.

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